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Covid-19 | Drive-In Cinema & Outdoor Cinema Events

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Drive-In Cinema / Outdoor Cinema Hire

LED video screens allow daytime and evening film screenings
LED Video Screens allow film screenings during the day and evening.
Could Drive-in Cinemas be the solution?

The current situation with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted on all our lives and the way we live, work, socialise and entertain. The event and hospitality industry has come to a complete standstill with no clear path to when social distancing and guidelines will allow mass gatherings to take place again.

Events generate £42.3 billion in revenue for the UKs economy each year and thousands of businesses rely on the sector as a platform to generate an income as well as raise funds for charities and good causes.

Not only does the industry play an important part on the economy it also plays a vital role in our mental health and wellbeing with entertainment being a crucial part of our lifestyle.

It is hard to see how large scale events could be held with social distancing being the key to Covid-19 recovery.

Could Outdoor Cinemas & Drive-In Cinemas be the first events to make a come back ?

Outdoor and Drive-In Cinemas could provide a solution allowing social gatherings to enjoy pre-recorded content (films / Concerts / sports) in an open, well ventilated space with acceptable social distancing between family groups and individuals.

The layout and locations of such events lends itself well to allowing social distancing and the outdoor environment allows good ventilation and fresh air flow.

Outdoor and Drive-In Cinemas could for the short term replace traditional indoor Cinema's where the enclosed space and confined seating could delay the industries recovery from Covid-19.

Image provided by V1 Aerial Photography | Drive-In Cinema Hire
Drive-In Cinema Hire

Drive-In Cinemas could be set to be the first type of events to return once essential travel restrictions have been lifted in the UK, as they would allow people to enjoy a cinema experience from the comfort of their own car which provides additional protection.

Outdoor Cinemas allow social distancing

More traditional Outdoor Cinemas could follow shortly after as they allow people to practice social distancing much easier than other forms of events and the cinema experience is enjoyed with a much more 'immobile' position than other types of events whereby people tend to gather in crowds, dance and move around.

Only time will tell how fast the event and hospitality industry can recover and what temporary measures will need to be put in place. However it is clear to see the industry plays a vital role in all our lives and needs to start planning to progress forwards.

If your seeking to hold an event post Covid-19 and believe Drive-In or Outdoor Cinemas provides a solution why not give Ad:Vantage Digital Ltd a call to find out about our cinema packages available for hire suitable for both daytime and evening screenings.


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