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Video Wall hire for Festivals


However big or small your music festival.... Ad-V can support your event

IMAG Screen Festival Hire

packages for all

 From small festivals catering for 500 guests to large outdoor events with 30,000+ we have a screen solution for your event.

With mobile trailer options, truss structures or screens for stages with pre-existing wings suitable for flying LED video walls.

Stage hire IMAG screens

screen locations


IMAGs (Image magnification screens) are often found positioned to the side of stage left, right (or both)

Festival IMAGS provide a vital role at todays music festivals. Uses include:

  • Improve audience viewership of the performance with live camera feeds MAGNIFYING the action taking place.

  • Inform you're audience with information such as event schedule, performance details and safety messages.

  • Display pre-record content such as performance intro's, welcome messages and event branding.

  •  Increase event revenue with the display or sponsorship and advertising

  • Emergency broadcast incase of situations such as adverse weather conditions, fire or any other risks.


LED video walls positioned on stage behind the performance (up-stage) 

Stage backdrop video walls provide enhance visual appearance to the stage and performances.

Normally used to display Visuals and pre-recorded content behind the performance as a backdrop. They are popular for festivals with DJs on stage.

They can also be used to display content such as the festival running order but bare in mind they may be obstructed by any equipment such as instruments and performers on stage. 


FOH (Front of house) screens

Festival FOH screens usually display the same content as the IMAG screens.

They are used to provide a view for the audience in positions where obstacles may obstruct line of sight of the stage. They are traditionally positioned on the back of the FOH structure which blocks the view of the stage for some of the audience.


Screens located else where at festivals

BIG screens are not limited to stage positions. 

Screens can be positioned in key locations throughout a festival to allow audiences to watch the action from any location or inform them of important event information.  examples include:

  • Food Quarter / Bar Zones / Picnic Areas (Live stage feeds)

  • Entrance / Exit (Safety messages / information)

  • Car Parks (Event information screens)

Music Festival video wall hire

Wherever you decide to locate your video screen we have a solution.


Our screens are available on mobile video trailers or truss structures. 

If your stage already has wings / rigging suitable for flying video walls we can install directly on to your stage.

supporting services

We support our video screen hire with a range of in-house services.

Festival truss structure hire


We provide a range of solutions including truss structures to fly our video screens or mobile video trailer hire for fast deployment

Festival content creation

 Content   creation 

Custom video, motion graphics and static artwork created for your festival.

Multi-camera hire for festivals


PTZ, wirless and static cameras available for hire to support your IMAGS

Multi-camera production

Music festival production services


Live production on-site


Our team can provide a complete on-site production service creating a professional broadcast on-screen mixing between different content and cameras 


Look no further for your festival big screen production package.

Prices start from only £2500 ex vat for a single day hire package including:

  • LED video screen hire

  • Truss structure hire

  • 2x Video camera hire for multi-camera shoot

  • On-site production to mix your content live

Contact us today for a bespoke quote

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