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Mobile Video Screen Hire

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Our new mobile LED video trailers are perfect for outdoor events requiring BIG screens.

Now available for hire

Now in stock for immediate hire across the Midlands, UK providing screen sizes from 15sqm up to 24.5sqm

Large format outdoor screens on mobile trailers provide fast, flexible setup making them perfect for short-term events / deployment. A single crew member can setup the screen within 30 minutes of arriving on-site.

Suitable for a range of uses:

  • Big screens for Music festivals (IMAG)

  • Sport events / shows (Horse shows, cycling races, motor sport races, running)

  • Fan zones (At pubs, stadiums & venues for football / rugby events)

  • Road side advertising (Display advertising for your business)

  • Exhibitions

  • Public events (in public spaces such as town canters and parks)

  • Outdoor Cinemas

Premium quality

Our video trailers use the same high quality outdoor video screens as our modular solutions to provide vibrant, high resolution images and video. All our trailers use 3.9mm pixel pitch LED screens with black face LED technology.

Mobile design

The 'box' trailer design provides a clean, tidy appearance whiles providing maximum protection for the screen during transport ensuing the screen arrives in top condition.

On arrival the trailer will be towed into position before the LED video screen seamlessly folds out of the trailer providing a large screen. Once the screen is lifted out of the trailer it can be rotated 360deg to point in any direction. The box trailer design also allows banners / wraps to be applied for complete event branding solutions.

Our big screen trailers also benefits from a small dedicated control room built inside, where screen content and audio can be controlled and managed by our crew.

Safe & reliable

A major benefit of our video trailers are they require no additional ballast. Truss structures often require additional ballast such as concrete blocks to ensure they are safe to use outdoors in a range of wind conditions when used on hard surfaces such as concrete. Our trailers do not require such additional ballast making them fast and simple to setup. Our trailers can be used in wind speeds up to 15 > 20ms and have a range of built in safety features such as a wind sensor with warning alarm.


If you are looking to hire a BIG screen for your outdoor event our mobile trailer solutions provide a range of benefits.


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