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Music Festival | Screen Hire

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Big screen hire for music festivals

Outdoor LED screen at a music festival
LED Screen at festival with on-screen advertising

If you are planning to host a music festival this Summer have you considered a big screen? Stage - audio - acts are all essential parts of a festival, however outdoor video screens are now becoming a vital tool for small and big festivals alike.

Big screens can be used in a range of ways to enhance your event including:

  • Live video feed of the acts on stage (magnified) helping improve audience viewing.

  • Broadcast important information such as event schedule and safety messages.

  • Provide a interactive platform with social media feeds.

  • Create an additional revenue stream with sponsorship / advertising on screen.

  • Build a stronger brand with your festival logo / animations on-screen

Once you have your big screen booked it is important to utilise it's full potential. Here at Ad-Vantage Digital we support all our outdoor video screen hire's with a range of full production services.

Our expert team can provide full video show production for the duration of your festival providing seamless and professional video content.

Big screen hire at music festival
Big screen with live camera of stage at festival (IMAG)

To support such a service we have a range of video equipment available for hire:

  • Production (Video Mixers) - Bringing all your video content into one seamless broadcast is vital. Using the latest hardware and software solutions we can create slick, professional video productions. This video is then sent in real-time to the big screen(s) for all to see. We can even live-stream the production to platforms such as youtube and facebook.

  • Static Video Cameras - 4k Cameras perfect for capturing on-stage performances. Often positioned 'front of house' on a static tripod these cameras can zoom in on the stage performance to provide a magnified view for the audience. This is often referred to as ' IMAGS'

  • PTZ Video Cameras - These compact cameras have a number of tricks up their sleeve. Normally positioned on stage they can be remotely controlled by a single cable allowing our team to spin/tilt and zoom on the action without the need for crew to be on stage. They can be mounted on tripods or on the stage structure providing some creative shots.

  • Wireless Roaming Cameras - With a range of up to 300m our wireless cameras can beam the action back to our production team from almost any location within the event without the drawback of cables. This makes them perfect for getting into the action or exploring areas such as backstage and capturing multiple different angles from a single camera.

  • Social Media Software - Social media is an essential tool for any event. Our big screens can broadcast real-time social media feeds allowing your audience to interact and even send photos to the big screen making them 'famous'.

  • Artwork / Advertising - Create a stronger brand with your festival logo and branding on-screen. Acts also often have their own logo and increasingly have a intro video which can be played as they arrive on stage. With our full production facility we can seamlessly integrate full screen or corner located logos onto our outdoor screens.

  • Pre-Production - Looking for the ultimate production? Our in-house video production team can create 3D logos, animations and pre-recorder video clips for your event.

It is important to ensure your screen is used to it's full potential. Here at Ad-V we can provide a complete solution in-house.

Contact us today to find out more about our LED screen hire for music festivals. |

All images and videos are copyrighted 2023 by Ad:Vantage Digital Ltd


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