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Exhibitions - Video Walls

LED video walls and screens provide high impact marketing in a busy and competitive exhibition environment.

4 sided LED screen on exhibition stand

Adding large format video screens grab potential customers attention with their constantly moving and ever changing content.

What is a LED Video Screen / Wall?

LED video screens make large format video screens possible. They use thousands of tiny SMD lights to create a clear vibrant image. LED screens use a module design using multiple panels that join together with no visual join or break allowing screens to be built to almost any size or shape imaginable. They can display all types of content including full video and still images.

Why use LED Video Screens and Walls?
  • Attention Grabbing: We are naturally programmed to notice changes in our environment and pay attention to moving objects as part of our natural fight and flight response. Research has proven that constantly changing images and video grabs peoples attention for this reason. Ensure visitors take a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th look at you stand and take notice with our exhibition video screen Hire

  • Maximize Your Exhibition Space: Space is precious when you are paying for floor space at an exhibition. LED video walls and screens allow a single space to display multiple messages and content to your potential customers.

  • Engage: Research has shown that we pay attention and engage with video content for longer periods of time than any other form of media such as print based and audio. The longer you can keep your potential customers engaged the more likely of a positive lead or sale.

  • Visual: Exhibitions are busy and loud environments. Getting across your brand message in such environments can be difficult. LED video walls and screens can provide precise and detailed information about your product or services visually without the need for dialog or sound.

Exhibition Stand - Outdoor LED Screen

Our LED video walls and screen hire for exhibitions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces.

LED is often the only option for outdoor video where high-brightness and large format sizes are required to compete with bright sunlight and large open spaces.

More than just Video Screen Hire

Providing a hardware solution is only half of the challenge. You want to showcase and shout out about your products and services. But without the correct content to go on your video wall and screens whats the point?

Our in-house video production team can create bespoke and eye-catching content to engage and inform your potential customers.

LED Wall Exhibition Stand - Video Mapping

For added impact we can create 'video mapped' content which interacts and spans across multiple LED screens / walls and your exhibition stand. The days of video screens needing to be a regular rectangle shape have passed. Express your business with a dynamic exhibition stand featuring multiple and irregular bespoke screen shapes and sizes with video content that beautifully fits.

Call us today at Ad:Vantage Digital Ltd to start your journey with LED video screens on your exhibition stand. Each and every project is unique and we will work closely with you to create a bespoke solution. |


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