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BIG Screens - Music Festivals

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Video screen hire for festivals
Big Screen Hire - Music Festivals

Outdoor LED video screens, often refereed to as 'Big Screens' or 'Video Walls' have become an essential part of music festivals and events. Whatever the size of your festival Ad:Vantage Digital can provide a big screen solution to suit your audience size and budget.

BIG screens provide a vital role to enhance, inform and entertain at festivals.

  • Enhance: Enhance audience viewership with live camera feeds on the big screen of acts performing on and off stage. This technique is often called 'IMAG' (Image Magnification)

  • Inform: Broadcast important event information including safety messages, event schedule / running orders and marketing material

  • Entertain: Display pre-recorded video content, backdrop visuals for acts or engage with your audience using interactive social media feeds.

Music Festival with left & right IMAG screens + stage LED wall backdrop

BIG Screens are usually used in two key locations:

  • LED Wall Backdrop - Positioned on stage behind the performer to provide a backdrop. Video content usually contains performer's intros, lighting effects and visuals to add entertainment to a performance. They provide an amazing backdrop with high-impact however can be obstructed by performers making them less suitable for event information.

  • IMAG (Image Magnification Screens) - These screens are positioned to the side of the stage as a single screen or as a pair (both sides of stage). Their main role is to improve audience viewership with a live camera feed of the performer onstage (or off stage). They can also be used to broadcast event information such as safety messages, running orders, marketing material and social media feeds. As these screens are positioned to the side of the stage in a prominent position they can be used for almost any type of content.

Ad:Vantage Digital Ltd provide a range of LED screen hire solutions including all supporting structures, broadcast cameras and video playback hardware.

Contact us today to find out more about our LED screen hire.

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